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Free-Range Comfort!

We are all about safety, fun, and comfort.  We offer 3500 sq. ft. of indoor and outdoor play-space with wall-to-wall rubber flooring indoors that will cushion your dog's joints as they romp around. Dogs have 100% free-access to the back yard (with top-of-the-line K9 Grass®) with toys to play on and kiddie pools to splash in.  And if your pup needs a little break to relax there is a quiet doggie den with couches, futons, and dog beds for them to curl up on.  Do you want your dog to be able to interact with other dogs and people while you're gone during the day?  Are you visiting but want to do things that won't allow your pup?  No need to feel guilty leaving them alone; leave them with us and we will make sure they have a great time!