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​Bath and Brush:                                         $16/$23/$30 (depending on size and coat)
Nail Trim:                                                     $15   ($10 if done with bath)
Anal Glands:                                                $15   ($10 if done with bath)
​Brush out/deshedding                              $10 per 30 minutes

Rates:  Grooming

Cash, check, and all major credit cards accepted.

Apple/Android/Samsung Pay also accepted.

Daycare (full day):            1 Day: $20 (over 5 hours)          

                                            5 Day Package: $90  ($18/day)            

                                            10 Day Package: $160  ($16/day)

Daycare (1/2 day):            $15 (5 hours or less)

Daycare (hourly):              $5

Sleepovers                         $28 per 24 hours; daycare rates apply after 24 hours

(includes full                            10% off for stays of 5+ nights

day of daycare):                       15% off for stays of 10+ nights

Walk on the Beach:          $10 for a half-hour walk
Medications given:           Free
Premium House Food:    add $5/day

Multiple Dogs:                  10% off daycare and sleepovers for 2nd, 3rd, etc. dogs

                                            from same household

Rates:  Daycare and Sleepovers

Because your pup is precious!